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During our visit to Bali, Indonesia, we enjoyed a truly unique and inspiring experience. As we toured the island, we became acquainted with many locals who welcomed us into their community. On one outing, we were invited to tour an elementary school where the kids showered us with their kindness, smiles and hospitality.  It was then we decided to adopt and raise the funds needed to renovate the school library.

Renovating, Supplying, and training schools is one of the best ways we can support literacy.  Please join us in our efforts to raise $15,000 to renovate the  library and purchase much needed books, book shelves and furniture for Sekolah Dasar Negeri 6 Manukaya Elementary School.

Thanks To You, We've Reached Our $14,900 Fundraising Goal!


Thank you to all of our wonderful donors. We have reached our goal of $14,900 that enables us to buy books and items needed for this beautiful library renovation project.

We will leave the GoFundMe page open through July to allow for any additional donations which would go into the Bali Library fund.

Thank You To Our Generous Donors!

Updated as of July 8, 2023

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Library Dedication - A Beautiful Gathering!

Updated: July 6 | What an exciting morning to celebrate the opening of a fabulous elementary school library in Bali.  More than 170 students, teachers, village representatives, friends, and supporters attended the morning dedication. What we thought would be a simple ribbon cutting was a beautiful ceremony with the students dressed in their formal village clothing and a ten-minute-long traditional Balinese dance performed by the 6th graders. After the festive ceremony, we were escorted to the library building, where we officially cut the ribbon to dedicate this new space for reading and learning.  Every student who walked into the library could not wait to touch and view the books.  There was so much joy, excitement, and happiness.  Although the students were on their summer recess, they all attended the dedication.  Marisa and I brought journals, pencils, and chocolate which we gave to each student.  They were so grateful and happy!

A friend wrote to me on Facebook and shared a Maya Angla quote I want to share here....

Maya Angelou once said, “I am so impressed again with the life-giving power of literature. If I were a young person today, trying to gain a sense of myself in the world, I would do that again by reading, just as I did when I was young.” You have given these students a piece of the world.  Thank you, Deb for sharing these inspirational words.

It takes a village to help children, and we want to thank all of you for your amazing support of this project to help expand the minds of these young people in Bali. We hope you enjoy the photos below.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - July 6th, 2023

We are excited to announce, we will be celebrating in Bali the opening of the newly renovated library at Sekolah Dasar Negeri 6 Manukaya Elementary School on July 6th.  Our plan is to live stream the event on facebook and then post to this webpage so you can celebrate our collective joy in bringing these students the gift of books and a safe space for reading.  If you would like to help, please donate through the GoFundMe page which is connected the the nonprofit 501(c)3 Bali Children's Project.  It is a USA nonprofit that allows for processing tax deductible donations.

On Our Way To Bali For Library Dedication!

Updated: June 30 | We are so thrilled to be on our way to Bali to celebrate the dedication of the newly renovated elementary school library. We arrived in Singapore last night after a 16.5-hour direct flight from San Francisco. We will stay in Singapore for a few days until we leave for Bali.

This is truly a heartwarming journey for us to help these young students gain access to books in a safe learning center and to represent all of you who have helped fulfill this dream. We are very grateful to you!

The library dedication takes place on Thursday, July 6th, and we plan to live stream portions of the dedication on Facebook. We will also post to our library website:

I hope you have been receiving our thank you emails and updates via The Go Fund Me site. We are not provided your email addresses by Go Fund Me, so we don't know if you received our thank you emails. We have also posted a list of donors to our website.

We send periodic updates of our journey through Go Fund Me email distribution.

Please know how grateful we are for your generous support.

If you want to help, please donate through the GoFundMe page connected to the nonprofit 501(c)3 Bali Children's Project.  It is a USA nonprofit that allows for processing tax-deductible donations.

Phase 2 - Inside Library Work Begins

Updated: June 18 | We are thrilled to announce the inside portion of the Bali Elementary School Library project has begun with the creation of beautiful murals on two of the interior walls.  Following the completion of the murals, bookshelves, desks, chairs, and books will be added along with other decorative fixtures.  It's not too late to help.  We still need to raise $1,000 to ensure plenty of books for the kids to access.  If you would like to help, please donate through the GoFundMe page which is connected to the nonprofit 501(c)3 Bali Children's Project.  It is a USA nonprofit that allows for processing tax-deductible donations.

Phase 1 - Construction Is Complete

Updated: May 28th | The construction portion of the project is now complete.  The roof has been repaired and overhang rebuilt; the interior and exterior walls have been repaired, sealed and painted; electrical system has been updated and made safe; and floors have been repaired and cleaned. See the photos below. Next phase will add the interior wall mural, book shelves, seating, desks, books and more.  The furniture has been ordered and should arrive in the next month.  The ribbon cutting is scheduled for July 6, 2023.

Construction Continues At A Fast Clip

The building is transforming beautifully. These photos were taken in just the past couple of days!  If you have not donated to this amazing project, we hope you can help.

Construction Has Started!

We are excited to announce construction has begun on May 8, 2023.  We will update this section as we receive more photos.

Balinese Purification and Blessing Ceremony

The photos below are of the Balinese purification and blessing ceremony held before any building can start.  It is a lovely ceremony that brings together the community. Click on the arrows to scroll through these beautiful photos.

Help Us Renovate This Elementary School Library in Bali!

This is how the school's library appeared when we visited Bali in July 2022. On our visit, everyone was so kind, and we decided to adopt the library and make it a vibrant learning space for these students.

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Join us in our efforts to raise $14,900 and create a special library learning center for these Bali students

Having made contact with the Bali Children's Project, our goal is to raise the needed funds to provide a warm, friendly, and inspiring place where students can go and learn about their culture and the world.

Bali Library Building Renovation Project


The photo above is an example of another project completed at another school.

Items Still Waiting To Be Completed

  • Fund for additional books and computers

Completed Items

  • 400+ New Books - Complete
  • Full complement of furniture (Desks, Chairs, Book Shelves, carpet and more) - Complete
  • Two beautiful and inspiring murals inside and outside the building - Complete
  • Installing rain gutter - Complete
  • Fixing pillars and roof - Complete
  • Installing new ceiling - Complete
  • Fixing Windows and Doors - Complete
  • Removing the front concrete ceiling and cleaning - Complete
  • Removing the old ceiling and cleaning - Complete
  • Installing new steel front roof structure - Complete
  • Fixing the tiles - Complete
  • Electrical installation - Complete
  • Painting; inside and outside wall, ceiling, doors, windows etc. - Complete

The Bali Childen's Project is a 501(c)3 USA federally tax-exempt non-profit charitable foundation (EIN 26-0014889)

Donate Today Through Our Partnership With The Bali Childen's Project, a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable foundation

You can make a tax-deductible donation through the Go Fund Me page, which is connected to the Bali Children's Project charity.

You can also send a tax-deductible donation to (please include a note that states for Alcalay Library Project)

Bali Children's Project
1480 Moraga Road, Suite C
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How Can You Help

Help us reach our fundraising goal of $14,900 by donating to the library renovation project.  We need $637 to reach our goal.

Invite your friends and family to join in our efforts.

Make a donation through your Donor Advised Funds or foundation.

Ask your employer to make a donation.


The school is located in a small village and has approximately 164 students and 8 teachers.  There is no internet access or computers on site.  During COVID, the students only had access to older smartphones to zoom into their classes.

Together, we will make a difference in the lives of these amazing students and provide them with resources to learn.

On Behalf of The Students, Thank You For Your Support!

About The Project

Having visited Bali, Michael and Marisa Alcalay have embarked on a mission to fund Sekolah Dasar Negeri 6 Manukaya Elementary School library project.  With your help, our goal is to raise $14,900 to renovate the library into a vibrant learning center.

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